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J.K. Harris took $750.00 dollars from my account before my final meeting with them. The one where I was going to decide whether to become a client or not.

After customer service reviewed my account they agreed to refund $675.00.

Almost two years later they say they owe me and I will be paid but they have no more information.

Their arrogance is beyond belief. They just say we will not talk to you and that is it.

Better Business Bureau from my city would not act because their headquarters were located in another state.Their home city BBB just said the matter was unresolved and they were through with the case.

J.K. Harris will not communicate with me anymore. I would love to be part of any lawsuit.

These people think they are just too big to be accountable.

Maybe they are.

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Quincy, Illinois, United States #243580

Go thru the Attorney General in the state where they operate. In the state of Minnesota, Our AG sued JK Harris and won.

They can no longer due there scam here.

Go To The Attorney Generals website and file a complaint. That will get there attention.....

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