I read about jk harris a few years ago and got in touch with them I payed them $2,500.00. for the next few years they didn't do nothing finally the IRS threaten to take money from my paycheck if i didn't pay them i tried calling jk harris and they never called me back.

Now I had to make arrangement to pay them and jk harris took my money and ran with it.

whenever i hear someone talking about going to jk harris i tell them to try someone else first. what i plan on doing is getting me a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them at the moment i am on disability and have limited funds but i am going to try.

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Birmingham, Michigan, United States #714348

Is that you John or Bob Harris. You're both going to ***.


Why are youo afraid to use your real name when making derogatory comments? Who knows if you are being paid by another company to say these things because no one can substantiate your remarks.

Be a man and identify yourself.

That goes for everyone that post messages on this site. Use your real name and address so the companies that are being slammed can come after you for slander.

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