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All tax resultion firms, including JK Harris & Co, are here to scam Americans just like credit repair firms. JK Harris uses false advertising to lure taxpayers being in debt to the IRS. They offer a free anaylsis on what taxpayers can do to resolve their tax issues. They say that common results are pennies on the dollar settlements.

JK Harris makes it seems like that taxpayer's problems with the IRS are a nightmare that will not go away. This company promises to stop wage garnishments and property liens if you sign an agreement with them. You will give them a power of attorney. After you do this, JK Harris will do nothing for you to stop wage garnishments and property liens.

JK Harris will not do anything unless you pay them in full which is about $3000 before they will even send you a completed OIC. THe OIC that they send you is erroneous with out of date bank statements, bills and receipts. This company will do nothing for you except to extend out your nightmare with the IRS.

They got me really good in 2004 as I paid them $500 down and set up a monthly payment plan of $219 a month. JK Harris files tax returns and OICs and that is it.

When you schedule an appointment at their local office, it is with a salesperson and not a tax professional. This sales person will try to beat you up for $3000. JK Harris rents out an office space for one day for this sales person at one of their nationwide offices. The truth is that they do not have nationwide offices. JK Harris can only schedule an appointment on that particular day in that particular location. THis sales person will use scare tactics such as the IRS will garnish your wages and do property liens if you do get help from JK Harris & Co. The truth is that if the IRS does garnish your wages, you can file a form to lift this garnishment of wages. JK Harris & Co will not tell you that.

After 2 years dealing with JK Harris & Co, I got fed up and dealt with the IRS on my own in 2007. I submitted my own OIC and reduced my tax liability from 25,000 to 3,000. The IRS is not that evil as JK Harris & Co puts it out to be. The IRS will work with you even if you have to file an OIC. I reccomend that taxpayers learn how to file an OIC on their own or getting a local accountant, preferably a CPA, to submit the OIC. JK Harris company will put you in worst off situation. I have been looking online and have seen so many taxpayers being scammed by tax resolution firms like JK Harris.

There is need to put a stop to these tax resolution firms out of business. JK Harris has ruined many taxpayers lives by ripping them off and doing nothing for them. Currently their are many class action lawsuits against tax resolution firms. I suggest that we schedule fictitous appointments with the local offices so that they cannot scam real taxpayers.

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I agree with you all.Thanks for the sharing....As a Tax Lawyer in Alabama I really appreciate your post...


I would recommend Accurate Accounting in Florida. They have the experience you need.


I work for a tax resolution firm, and to be fair I am not going to disclose the name, but it's not any of the ones mentioned in the articles or comments, I promise. I'm not here to pile on any of my competitors specifically. And I have a few tips for those considering any tax resolution firm. I am not an attorney or an enrolled agent, but I am one of the owners of the company I work for.

I empathize with the author, and this is an all too common problem we in the industry have to counteract. There are many resolution firms who will scam individuals and businesses and they'll get away with it until consumers are better educated. But not all firms are the same, nor do they all rip-off people. We have clients who have told us literally that they love us, so we all can't be that bad.

First, don't believe it when any firm says you can settle for 'pennies on the dollar.' VERY few people or businesses qualify to settle their tax debt, so you should just assume you cannot. The problem is that, even if you don't qualify a shady business will tell you the opposite, or that they'll 'try' for you, knowing that it will be rejected and you just paid for someone to file useless paperwork on your case.

Don't work with any firm that isn't BBB affiliated, there are still plenty to choose from, and be sure to check their score. Simply being affiliated with BBB isn't enough.

The people and business that may get a benefit from working with a tax resolution service are ones that owe a LOT of money (ballpark, I'd say over $20,000.00) and who prefer an experienced professional handle these services for them. Other cases, such as where wages have been garnished or bank accounts levied, a tax resolution expert can usually get these actions prevented or stopped, usually within a couple days of finding out. There can be genuine benefits to working with a tax resolution firm, but it's not for everyone. The more you owe however, the more cost-effective it will be.

Maybe I'm shooting my own business in the foot here, but technically, ANYBODY can do for themselves what a tax resolution firm will. But being experienced in tax collections, knowing the rules and knowing how to deal with revenue agents can make a big difference in many cases. For business owners in particular, it may make more sense to concentrate on your business and income instead. For individuals, dealing with the IRS can be a major hassle, and a reliable firm would take that burden off of you. The majority of individuals we help have received a payment schedule from the IRS that they cannot afford, and don't know how to negotiate a more affordable schedule.

I wouldn't necessarily shun a tax relief company because they use salespeople. That is how many firms provide a cost-effective solution while the experts work on actual cases. It's what makes our firm less expensive than than tax attorneys, yet still able to provide the exact same service. You never want the salesperson doing your casework, and that is the critical difference. Also, if you're on the phone with a salesperson and you get the slightest hint they're not being straight with you, or 'selling' you, insist that you immediately be able to talk to one of the attorneys or enrolled agents because the Attorneys and EA's working at these firms can lose their licenses for lying to you, the salespeople don't have licenses. If they won't, hang up on them. Hang up on ones who use scare tactics. Hang up if they don't listen to you.

Anyone facing a tax problem and found this page, I hope my information helps you make an informed decision.


anybody recommend an honest tax relief company?

I need one.

I live in Florida.

Prefer it to be in Florida.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of tax resolution firms out there that will simply take your money and run. There are firms who call themselves the nation's largest tax representation firm but have been sued by many states.

There are firms that call themselves the largest tax resolution law firm but have also been sued. So the size and claims of the firm are no guarantee that you will be represented well by that company.

The easiest way to determine if the firm you are choosing is a good one is to simply look them up in search engines such as Google or through the Better Business Bureau. Look for complaints for the company you are looking up, and if there are none, then you know you are on your way to choosing the right tax resolution firm for you

to Jeffrey Galante www.jgtaxgrou #830449

The BBB is ABSOLUTELY NOT a credible source. They will back any company that pays them their yearly membership fee. Most people are not aware of this.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #29384

I was in tax trouble, they took the money i had in my checking account. My tax problems were brought on by myself.

I walked into my local tax office and told them it was all my fault, the IRS was very nice to me and helped me out. We worked out a payment plan and they even reduced a few of the late fees and fines.

I never was late on a payment and 2 years later I was out of debt and feel great.

I must tell you I was crapping bricks walking into their office, a hour later I felt like a new person. I would of liked to have aken my blood pressure before and after.

Hurstville Grove, New South Wales, Australia #22089

Come to think of it, people get behind on bills such as taxes and sometimes it's not your fault, so I can understand your pain. If you really did get ripped off, then that sucks.

Have you tried calling them repeatedly until they give in? Good luck!

Just try not to let it effect your life too much. Don't give them the satisfaction!

Vapi, Gujarat, India #22017

So you got ripped off, at least according to you. Move on.

Frankly, you should have paid your taxes in the first place. If you devote yourself to destroying these folks, you'll become that which you hate. Fifty thousands years from now, when Earth is an ice ball, will all your complaints matter? No.

Go out and enjoy your life instead of filling yourself up with hatred.

There's plenty of bad press about JK Harris. If people still do business with them, that's their problem.

Adams, New York, United States #20419

Mehtab - would you like to file a legal complaint against JK Harris? if so, let me know.

Gavere, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium #15299

It is true that you have to make sure that there is a CPA, attorney, or EA doing the job. But a law firm can be just as lazy as these tax firms. Basically you have got to be a thorn in their side so that your file has priority. These tax firms DO settle IRS debts, but they only have so many CPAs and lawyers to do the negotiating.

SO: Before you hand over a single cent, find out when you can probably get some resolution (ask the professional) and if it goes a minute over that, call every single day to see what is going on.

Trust me. I'm a lawyer, and this works.

Manteo, North Carolina, United States #13222

I agree with hiring a licensed professional. My firm doesn't have internet complaints.

We treat our clients with respect and do quality experienced professional work. Please visit my site.

Belaya, Ternopil's'ka Oblast', Ukraine #12981

JK Harris, Omni Financial, American Tax Relief, Certified IRS Solutions, Taxmasters, and Effectur all use salesmen-not tax professionals to sign up new customers. At least Effectur is a member of the BBB and has a good record with them.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Don't get hooked by a salesman. Hire a real tax professional.

Make sure they are a CPA, EA, or Attorney. If you do feel that you were mishandled, contact the BBB.

Burlington, Vermont, United States #12106

I say its time for revenge. I was scammed in 2004 for $3000 by JK Harris.

I was promised to settle pennies on the dollar for my $25000 debt to the IRS. After 3 years, I settled for $3000 by doing my own OIC. ITs payback time. JK Harris is still scamming taxpayers.

I have scheduled an appt at their local office to meet with one of sales rep. I went online and sent in a request to JK Harris and scheduled an appt for this Thursday. I told the rep that called me that I had over $100,000 in debt to the IRS. I got this guy so excited that he started asking me how much money do I make.

So he told me that I will be meeting with a tax professional at a local nationwide office. THis is a lie. BY no means these local reps are tax professionals but instead are crooks. I am planning to go in and wasting this rep's time.

I am planning to tell him that I need to ask the wife before I proceed. I am planning to print out all complaints, making copies and distributing them to all prospective appts in the local office. I do not want this company to scam us anymore.

I need some help from others to do the same. If the government does shut down this scam operation, its us that needs to shut it down.

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