Recently our firm (877-517-0067) has been receiving calls from consumers that have been complaining about Tax Masters and Jk Harris. It seems that these two companies are telling everyone that calls in that they qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

If you want an OIC all you have to do is download form 656 off the IRS website and submit it. on the site they even tell you what qualifications are necessary to qualify for an Offer in Compromise. Let me be the first to tell you that if you qualify for an OIC you do not have any money to pay a tax preparer of any kind thousands of dollars to do this for you (for most cases, some cases are much more complex). There is no miracle process to resolving a tax payers debt, each individuals case requires a different approach.

And there is no way to determine what it will cost a financial firm to resolve your tax situation from one phone conversation. Which is why our firm will do a Tax Investigation first. we actually contact to IRS and determine why you owe the debts you do. Once that is determined it becomes possible to know how your tax situation can be resolved.

Fillings as 1099, 1040, k1, 940 etc. have different ramifications, and the reasons you owe the taxes: sub returns filed for you, non payment, receiving lump sums of cash (401k, divorce settlement, lottery winnings, stock trading) all have different ways of being resolved and depending on your situation. you may be entitled to having your debt reduced dramatically, or you may not be qualified to have it reduced at all. I'm not even sure why Those two companies promote Offer In Compromise as the legitimate fix all for tax debt, according to the IRS over 90% of all OIC's submitted get denied.

A huge marketing budget doesn't equate to actual help.

if you want actual advice and help call 877-517-0067. There is no miracle cure, but there are many ways to fix your tax problems.

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I gave my case info to JK Harris 5 years ago so there could prepare an offer in compromise (OIC)for unpaid taxes. To make a long story short, they decided to make my case inactive six months ago.

I doubt they will do anything for me after reading these posts and talking to them today. I paid them $2400 5 years ago.

TO anyone considering using this company, PLEASE DON'T. Find yourself a another company to help you with you taxes.


You can visit our site @ settlewiththeirs.info

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