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Never represent yourself before the IRS just because there are companies you consider crooked. Just find a responsible CPA firm in good standing. We are one. For valuable free info on dealing with the IRS, please visit our site.

When selecting companies to represent you before the IRS, it is important that you do the following:

A) Hire a professionally licensed CPA firm. This is the license with the most accountability. You will never hear of a CPA firm with many complaints and government officials firing them for mal practice. They will lose their license before that ever happens.

B) Hire a CPA firm that specializes in IRS representation. DON'T hire a CPA firm that adds IRS representation to a list of many services. They probably won't have the experience.

C) Do some internet research on the company. Look at the complaints, read the good comments, and read up on their website. Always make sure to find as much information on the potential company.


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You don't need to pay outrageous CPA fees (such as JK Harris).An H&R Block ® Enrolled Agent for $200.00 for ten hours work and 40.00 for every hour after, may be the Best Bet.

Why pay thousands when you don't need to.(I just called and got a quote of $2000.00 !).

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